Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Updates


As part of the instructions of the Greek Authorities to deal with the spread of COVID-19, all passengers must complete the "Pre-Board Passenger Identification Form" and give it to the officer together with their ticket, upon boarding. before departure of the ship.

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As part of the special guidelines for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases, ferry passengers traveling on a voyage of longer than 30 minutes, must complete a special questionnaire before boarding the ship.

These questionnaires can be obtained either from travel agencies or from the shipping companies themselves, or they can be downloaded from the official website of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy (

The completed questionnaires will be delivered by the passengers upon boarding of the ship's crew.

In the event of a passenger finding that, based on the questionnaire, they either show symptoms or have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient in any of the ways described in the last 14 days, boarding will not be allowed.

The questionnaire will be kept with the care of the shipowner company for two months from the day of its receipt in accordance with the provisions of the current protection legislation personal data (GDPR).

In addition, the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy provides detailed instructions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases on passenger and passenger-vehicle ferries carrying out maritime transport, after the lifting of the restrictive measures to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The passengers of the ferry are requested to be on the ship at least one (1) hour earlier than the departure time in order to avoid any inconvenience.